*** Leadership and Management ***

She Can Uganda is steered by a team of self-motivated young women with proven record of integrity and long period of working experience in women empowerment, and human rights activisim. The overall organizational activities are aiming at empowering young women and commit them to making decisions which are beneficial to them regardless of their marital, ethnical, religious and political inclination.

Introductory Statement

" She Can Uganda is a non discriminatory , accommodative and committed foundation aimed at empowering, young women aged between of 18 and 35 years through a series of activities all aimed at obtaining social and economic justice in Uganda."

Vision Statement

" A community of empowered young women in Uganda working together to fight for their rights and improve their social and economic status. shsahhssha"

Mission Statement

" To promote capabilities of young women aged between 18 and 35 years through a series of activities such as theatrical productions, sensitisation programs, entrepreneurship trainings among others which create awareness , enhance their capabilities, motivate joint efforts towards working together to eliminate women injustices which are a barrier to achieving their social, and economic justice in Uganda."

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She Can Uganda

P.O Box, 35597 Kampala Uganda

Founder : Amutuhaire RoseMary

Tel: +31-644-709-359

Email: info@shecanuganda.org

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